Florence Gorman Exposed

Florence Gorman Exposed

Florence Gorman, "Lady Armida", Florence Barth and an avalanche of other aliases runs two magic shops in the eastern portion of Greenwich Village. These are The Lady In The Moon and Camelot, both on St. Marks, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A. The authors of this page consider her to be a threat to the law abiding and peaceful reputation of pagans.

Convicted of fraud for seven years in 1981, relating to an incident in which a young woman almost died of diabetic shock, the raid on her New Jersey residence revealed serious animal abuse violations. Due to the flaws of the penal system, she was free after serving only eighteen months, and the animal abuse violations dissipated in a mountain of paperwork.

Her coven, which contained renowned occult author Dr. Leo Martello, disbanded when it was discovered that Gorman had been swindling most of the coven members out of thousands of dollars a shot, intentionally turning friends against each other, and that her credentials as a High Priestess were falsified.

Today, she promotes herself as an innocently persecuted witch, despite the protest of nearly every other magic shop in the city. Various relevant authorities are conducting investigations into the Armida case, but in the meantime, misled and ignorant customers continue to augment her legal funds by supporting her stores.

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