You Luckydevil

You Luckydevil

The Inspired Fulminations of Mr. Badnotsad, U. Luckydevil in the Eyes of the Lord.

The proposal to alt.config for the creation of alt.skincare.jesus was based on a sleepless night when my tired eyes blurred my subscriptions to alt.skincare and alt.jesus together into alt.skincare jesus on my Newswatcher subscription palatte. Something clicked in my head, and I sent the proposal as a disturbed fundamentalist rant. It was recieved well; that is, with a ton of flames, personal threats, and a few wry compliments thrown in for good measure.

Not satisfied with the number of supporting votes for the creation of alt.skincare.jesus, I decided to wreak great mischief on Usenet by reposting the proposal to a ton of carefully selected newsgroups (particularly the ones which inspired the concept, alt.slack, and alt.pez.) Every time someone was foolish enough to reply to me, I added five to twenty additional crossposted newsgroups.

Perhaps the most disturbing-yet-amusing quality to this was the sheer volume of public and private responses which indicated that people actually believed that I was a fanatical Christian out to proselytize via Usenet. This in spite of the hints to the contrary; the silly X-Organizational and X-Newsreader header lines, and the name Mr. Badnotsad (an urging to people to throw off their goody two-shoes and develop a sense of humor.)

People believe what they want to believe. The Cosmos is a XXX inkblot test.

Mr. Badnotsad will return someday and continue to do what he does best.

To: alt.skincare.acne, alt.satanism, alt.jesus,alt.slack, alt.discoria, alt.christnet, alt.christnet, evangelical,, alt.herpes, alt.drugs.psychedelics, alt.magick.tyagi, alt.hygene.male, alt.skincare, alt.christnet.nudism, alt.exploding.kibo, alt.vampyres, alt.jesus, alt.evil, alt.jello.fetish, alt.christnet.nudism, alt.exploding.kibo, alt.gothic,,, alt.anger, alt.pagan, alt.misanthropy,, alt.religion.christian.last-days, alt.religion.subgenius, alt.www.hotjava

Subject: Proposal- alt.skincare.jesus
From: Mr. Badnotsad
Only the one true megalomaniac can free you from your rot. Repent, O scabrous ones! The Lord will cream your demonic afflictions with divine jisms. You can be flaky and oozing and smelly, but Jesus will still love you- He loves everybody. He's promiscuous. He's totally indiscriminate- so you have nothing to worry about. The burnings you feel are nothing compared to the COLD fires of HELL. Pop the pustules of sin! Get it out of you. With the forgiveness of the one true anti-bacterial God. Exorcise the seething zits of SATAN! Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and if you are blemished you cannot enter Heaven. You can't win against the unsightly eruptions of demons without Divine Intercession. The Serpent LIES when he promises you rosy cheeks. He plans to stoke them in the burning fires of perdition. In Hell you will wish you had no skin... because it will ache and ooze and crunch like bloody Kentucky Fried Chicken! In Heaven, you will be pure and clean and white as an egg! Reborn. No cholesterol. All bald spots reclaimed. All genitals REMOVED as the CURSE OF ADAM is RESCINDED. Who needs genitalia when you've got HALOS, fer God's sake?? All things unclean will be excised. All things of ugliness and shame will dissipate. How can you deny the wisdom of He who was whipped, and scourged, and flaggelated, and pinched, and pinched again, and bitten, and rabbit punched, and tickled cruelly, and poked, and nudged, and pinched really bad this time, and hung by his little toe, and spanked by amazon witches, and tackled by Roman linebackers, and sodomized by lions, and finally crucified on the cross FOR OUR SINS! Don't you feel guilty yet? Naughty! Naughty! NAUGHTY!! A diet free from fried foods, excess INDULGENT sweets, CHEESE OF ANY KIND, and SIN will free you from demonic parasitic vampiric itchy crawly cootie infestations. Why use Noxema, when you can have Faith? It's the American thing to do. Be a patriot- stamp out acne diabolicus. Know your rights- the right to be free of eruptions- to be free of sin- this country is founded on freedom; so, submit to Christ! Let the communists share their atheistic scabies and dandruff and anthrax and leprosy and herpes. They are lost. But you have a chance in the King of spiritual and hygenic daintiness. Only the gushing, streaming, unclotted, warm, universal donor, BLOOD OF THE LAMB can wash you bleached white clean of original and miscellaneous acquired sin and putrescence. Jesus Christ is like new terrycloth towels. What can the maker of ALL, not wipe up and make new and CLEAN. Why do you think people steal them from hotels? Everyone needs a wipe sometime. You can have a wipe ALL the time. The greatest wipe of all... FORGIVENESS for every sin you've ever done, no matter how bad, no matter how fun. No matter how putrescent your skin or soul is, Jesus is the cornucopic-panacea! Keep away from SNAKE-OIL SHAM SATAN with his offers of chocolate flavored clearasil. Jesus is the Retin-A of the Kingdom of Heaven. And he is pure white, vanilla flavored, mild like tofu, light like rice cakes. And you can't get Him in a tube. And you can't get Him in a pill. You get Him in a book. The best book of all. The Bible. (Hah! You thought I was going to say Physician's Desk Reference, didn't you?) You take one taste of Him, and you're free. You never need to take any medication again! You never need to take any vitamins again! You never even need to breathe again, because you're SAVED, and totally _in_ with the Angels, dude. Death, where is thy dosage? You don't need an Rx to be healed by the Savior. All you need is a mottled, half-rotted sack of smut pus and fur you call SKIN, and a soul that needs to be saved. Do you want to be branded, tattooed, and/or penetrated by SATAN, the master of the THOUSAND UNHOLY ORFICES?? Without the cream of Jesus you are unprotected from his barrage of attacks on your sullied flesh. Just smear the gel of Saints, the annointing oil of King David upon your brow- and the mountains of angry red bacterial cysts will pass into Satan's mouth. Read the back of the religion's wrapper and look for those ingredients. On the back of the oPUS of GOD ALMIGHTY you will find nothing but the most pure and elemental ingredients. Only with Jesus can life be simple and pure, like it was ordained to be- eternally unblemished truth. Render unto Caesar that which resembles High Colonics. I am a living example of the DEEP PENETRATING CLEANSING power of CHRIST.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #2

X-Newsreader: Spoon!
Organization: Eeek!

In article <4c2959$> Michael Chang, writes:
>bored, eh?
The war against the blackheads of the UNHOLY ONE is a ceaseless task befitted only those truly steadfast in conviction and FAITH. A worldwide Satanic conspiracy has infiltrated nearly every church in America, encouraging sincere followers of Jesus Christ to defile themselves with UNNATURAL and UNSANCTIONED and UNHOLY ointments and medicines. Do you know what REAL Christians call lotions of Beelzebub? WITCHRAFT! Yes, witchcraft is alive and well and coming in CVS' near you. They call upon ungodly powers to cleanse your skin- to give you FALSE FORGIVENESS. The grotesque inflamed boils and infected scabs just come back, and worse than before. Only God can save you from the running sores of salaciousness and poor hygeine. Beware Satan's glop! It can only make you more scabby and putrescent than you already are. SAVE YOU SOUL! Beg for the forgiveness of Jesus, and turn from your heathen creams, and only use the cream of Jesus. Forsake the hearbreak of original sin! Only with the cream of Jesus can you be saved. Only Jesus provides the SALVE of SALVATION. I will pray for you all.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #3

X-Newsreader: Goopy
Organization: Jeezus Licks You On Da Fanny

In article <> William J. Evans, writes:
>> Do you
>>know what REAL Christians call lotions of Beelzebub? WITCHRAFT!
>The one way down at the end of the pier, one presumes.
Jesus has no peer. Only He can save the putrified scabby, BOIL infested, lice ridden, dripping, achy LOST SOULS of this world. To believe that Jesus has a peer is downright shameless SATANISM! There is only one God, and he is the ONE who cleanses all imperfection. It is only through the grace of the King who is clean-ness itself and loves puppies and flowers and SOAP can we regain our unsullied selves again. Hark the GOOD NEWS! Kingdom's coming and you gotta be clean. Throw yourself down on your calloused knees and lift those psoriatic hands in prayer. Renounce your sodomies, lewd condiments and unsanctioned skincare! Beg for forgiveness and hale complexion from the MESSIAH, the savior of us all! If you don't, you only have yourself to blame when the demon sores of Satan come to drag you down into the pits of infestation.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #4

X-Newsreader: Iron Pole of Digital Virility
Organization: Engorged Member ship

In article <4c42ff$> A Halliwell, writes:

>Oh dear. This thing is losing it's funnyness.
>Please stop repeating yourselves.....
You will be crying to Jesus "Oh dear" when the blotchy CARRION buboes which infest your FAITHLESS spirit swell forth into the seeing EYES of sinners like you. And what will happen then? What is the number of the Beast, my friend? Without the SATANIC BARCODES and digimoney and cosmetic company credit cards YOU and those LIKE YOU will be forced into concentration camp/leper colonies. Only those marked with the EYELINER and LIPSTICK of the Beast will be considered "decent" and all modest Christians will be forced to live homeless and eat WASTE from the gutter. You will be forced to root around in unflushed toilet bowels in public LAVATORIES for undigested corn and nuts. You AND YOUR CHILDREN will be forced to rub banana peels on balsa wood and chew it to keep away the hunger pangs. People will throw used coffee grounds and cigarette butts and used condoms made of fetus-skin at you as they pass by. But there is hope if you RENOUNCE the blush of Belial, and forsake the lip balm of Lilith. And I will repeat my message as often as I need to to GET YOU to repent and give yourself over to my God- Jesus Christ- and walk the rocky path of REPENTANCE, all-natural Jesus cream, and nightly self-flaggelation. The prophecies of Revelation will be fulfilled in the cosmetic goods section of supermarkets NEAR YOU. Your sleazey pornographic snap crackle popping cheezy SINS will manifest in dermatologic form as melanomas and mutations. If you do not repent, how can you be purged? Stigmatics will bleed from their eyes and anuses. Eat right, wash behind your ears, think pure thoughts, and pray- for the end is near. SIN SIN SIN SINNERS REPENT!!! I will pray for you all.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #5

X-Newsreader: Spermshooter 1.1.1 with encrypted sigs and worstershire sauce
Organization: High On Sniffing Dirty Socks

In article <> Missing in Action, writes:

>  I think that if you are actually trying to spiritually enlighten
>someone it might better done with love and care, rather than with
>wit and sarcasm.
It is with utmost HUMBLENESS and FAITH in God that brings me here today before you to TESTIFY my tale of woe before you all. I once was a sinner, COVERED in spiritual and miscellaneous physical PUTRESCENCES- so much my friends that I was weighted DOWN by them, yea, so much that I could scarcely WALK to the corner drug store. For I was a compulsive MASTURBATOR... and my eyes began to go BLIND, and my palms grew hairy as terriers. Pimples red as hell's furnaces burst forth across my face in shape of LASHES, and OOZED smelly fluids into my eyes, and into my daily bread as I et. For I was enriched with 666 VITAMINS and MINERALS straight from the fanny of the DEVIL. And I was all-unnatural ingeredients. And I revelled in my damnation! I used unsanctioned skincreams, unbelieving of the TRUE UNADULTERATED MESSAGE of Jesus Christ. I called myself a Christian while still indulging in the excreta of the DEMONIC faithless LIBERAL ATHEIST COMMIE HUMANIST cosmetic industry- the industry of LIES! I engaged in foul practices with YOUNG WOMEN of diverse acrobatics and orientations! Their nifty TONGUES were as SERPENTS binding me to the CURSE of SATAN'S DAMNATION. I even CAVORTED with libidnously-leotarded aerobics instructors, and did thus SWEAT to the oldies. I was neck-deep in the accursed temptations of the BLACKHEAD KISS of Satan's dominion. But there was HOPE for me and so there is hope for YOU. After a deep pore scrubbing and facial administered by a preacher of the true faith, the gel of evil was washed from my eyes, and I saw the defilements I had immeresed myself. I could barely hold back my lunch! I renounced the DIPPITY-DO and SELSUN BLUE of damnation, and came into Christ. NOW I am purer than the BODY CAVITIES of angels! Believe not the deceptions of the prince of NAUGHTY stuff, because he is blistry and all red and black and DOESN'T FLOSS even though he could. Save your soul and renounce sin, cheese, fried foods, unsanctioned skincare and be pure with the HOST of HEAVEN- be saved before scarring sets in! You too can be PURIFIED by the unblemished stigmata of the KING of HEAVEN!! Use only GRACE, tested in an infinity of double-blind studies. GRACE was SANCTIFIED by the ONE TRUE PHARMACY way up the road. On the DAY OF JUDGEMENT all you SCABBY WHORES OF SATAN will be cast onto a lake of FLYPAPER! Behold the deep cleansing power of GRACE, with bristles and microbubbles to eliminate dead skin and DEMONIC PORE INFESTATIONS. The prophecies of Revelations will be fulfilled... in the cosmetics aisle of supermarkets near you! I will pray for you all.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #6

X-Newsreader: Pricklicker
Organization: Wanker Industries

In article <> MegEliz, writes:

>What about PEZecution?
It is things like that which make me sad to be a LOVING Christian in this country, at this time in history.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #7

X-Newsreader: Spermshooter 1.1.1 with encrypted scum and worstershire sauce
Organization: Shitzone

In article <> Iceknife, writes:
>it wasn't about JESUS...
How can you, a SINNER pocked with the carbuncles of ORIGINAL and miscellaneous acquired SIN, so unhumbly EMBRACE HEATHEN oils and DEMON-INSPIRED COSMETIC IDOLATRY? Those of you DEMONS listening to my HOLY INSPIRED WORDS, inspired by the love of God and Jesus Christ, his son who purified this world with HIS BLOODY PURITY GIFT OF GRACE- begone you ANTICHRISTS! I will pray every day, for all of your SOILED BLISTERED ROTTING CHAOS DISTEMPER SOULS, and baptise this world with sanctified creams and holy haircare products! Read the Bible. EVERY DAY! Drink LOTS OF WATER! But not too much. Beware of the FALSE SOAPS of SATAN and the makeup of HELL'S BLACKHEAD KISS. Jesus weeps for you. He cries! He DROOLS AND SLOBBERS and drips holy spittle on his giant WHITE BIB. He's sick of the impure excesses of the COSMETIC HOMOSEXUAL COMMIE KIKE MEDIA CONSPIRACY! They won't be satisfied until you've PROSTITUTED your sons to your daughters using black serpent-shaped giant strap on dildos on the ALTAR OF SATAN. And you BUY THIS every day at the MARKET. Aren't you ashamed? Naughty! Naughty! NAUGHTY!

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #8

X-Newsreader: Spermshooter 6.6.6 with encrypted sigs and worstershire sauce
Organization: Suck my orgone generator, Luigi and Nancy!

In article <> 
Endemoniado, writes:
>you just repeated what someone else already said. ...........boring!
Oh, but the message of Jesus Christ's GORY PURITY GRACE GEL is far from boring, and only the DECEPTIONS of DEMONICALLY POSSESSED PIMPLES and FLAKING SKIN could make you utter such DEPRAVED BLASPHEMY! Wash out your mouth with the blessed anti-bacterial soap of Christ's virile forgiveness. Wash behind your ears vigorously and clean out your ENCRUSTED SCABBY COLONS with enemas of CHLORINATED BAPTISMAL WATER. Strike out the perverted DEMON SPERMATAZOONS of Satanic jisms. It takes more than visine to clear out eyes of sin! It takes more than fiber to FLUSH OUT a system burdened by A DIET OF SATAN'S SCUM. Whenever you feel diabolic IMPULSES RAGING in your THROBBING GROIN, wash your hands and pray vigorously for freedom from tickly naughtiness in every form. Your nipples and anus and genital orfices form a CONSPIRACY of sinful flesh allied with EVIL itself, and seek to dominate you with disgusting lubricating smelly VOMIT-FACED DEMONS of tension and climax! Wash your hands and wash your mouth and wash your ears! Sin is everywhere hair can grow, and SEVERAL PLACES WHERE IT CANNOT. Forsake the skincream of wickedness, and the deep fried food akin to the souls of sinners today in Hell, crispy and tasty food for demons! Only with the forgiveness of God can you be pure of skin, and deed. Pop the pustules of the SINFUL wherever you are! Grab them by their SCABBY BLEEDING ENCRUSTED PIMPLY EARS on the streets and loudly divulge that Jesus is coming, and the impure are doomed to have FLAMES SHOT UP THEIR TORN SPHINCTERS as merciless RAZOR PHALLUSED DEMONS ride their buttocks in the pits of sticky thumbtack damnation. I will pray for you all.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #9

X-Newsreader: Spermshooter 1.1.1 with encrypted sigs and worstershire sauce
Organization: Zamfir Sucks

In article <4crti3$> HCN, writes:
>If you reply to any the alt.skincare.jesus articles or replies, make sure that
>your reply is only going to the one group that you are in, and not all of the
Heathen defilers of the HOLY TESTAMENT of JESUS CHRIST the Savior most savored- the gospel of good hygeine and pure thoughts and condiments cannot be thwarted by DEMONIC DESIGNS!!!! It is because of your VILE and IMPURE blistering SIN putresences and oozing crackling SCABS OF REBELLION against GOD HIMSELF, that you will be cast into the lake of burning pus and molten lead when BABY JESUS COMES TO PUNISH! The purity of the UNBLEMISHED WHITE skinned massively endowed virile King of Heaven will cast out your pimple encrusted LITTLE WEINER HEADS into the ever hungry BLACKHEAD MOUTH of HELL! I will spread my revealed gel knowledge further and further and let no man or woman or HIDEOUS SHE-MALE ABOMINATION stop me for I am annointed by the creamy gel of Christ's GRACE. Forsake the consumer goods of the unholy one and return to the loving arms of the Father who will hug you and wipe your dirty faces with the terrycloth of Divine Love, and save you from the DROOLING HAIRY PERVERT PEDOPHILE HEBREW HOMOSEXUAL SADOMASOCHIC SICK SICK SATAN'S BLACK AND GREASY GREEDY DRIPPING CLUTCHES. I urge all fellow Christians to take frequent fasts and pray frequently for the souls and putrid disease ENCRUSTED SAGGING SORE and pustulent SKINS OF SINNERS everywhere. But especially those who cannot appreciate the love of Jesus and his sacrifice. Every day I pray and every day I cry for you all. When the HORN OF APOCALYPSE sounds, all of you will be covering your fanny targets with STEEL BIKINI SHORTS, but Satan has a razor blade diamond drill bit acid pipeline member and it'll break through every precaution and grind through your posterior like a SPEEDING MAC TRUCK racing through a GARDEN HOSE! Warn your children! Warn your parents! The SEED OF SATAN is the truly secret ingredient in every unsanctified skincare, haircare, and fast food treat on the shelves today! DON'T SUCK OFF SATAN; regurgitate the black sperm of mean naughtiness. Instead, praise Jesus and be rewarded with unblemished skin and soul. THERE ARE ONLY TWO CHOICES!! I will pray every one of you lost souls.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #10

X-Newsreader: Spermshooter 1.1.1 with encrypted sigs and worstershire sauce
Organization: Suckers!!!

In article <4cvb5f$> Princess SpAsTiC, writes:

>HOW COULD THIS MORON KNOW HOW TO TYPE?? He strikes me as a complete
>waste of human flesh,( but not of brain: he has none) and needs to be
>flamed constantly by all of YOU! I have left the E-mail of this
>pathetic cretin on this Msg and his original post, wich the asshole was
>so thoughtful to spam to all of our newsgroups. FLAME HIS MAIL! I call
>to u don't stand for it! Make him wish to never have been born!!!!!
Salutations in Christ, Chris... KISS MY BIG OLD LEATHER BOUND BIBLE! Jesus will WASH YOUR SCABBY MOUTH OUT on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT and you will be thrown to the merciless MAGGOT RAZOR-BLISTERED PENISES of gang-banging DEMONS! Only by total spread-eagled PROSTRATION before the throne of BABY JESUS will you avoid the doom of deepthroating Satan in the hepatic mucosa abyss, and choking endlessly on his COLD GUSHING BLACK CHEESY THICK N' CHUNKY SPERM. Only with the sanitary terrycloth gel grace of the SON OF GOD can you be annointed and be purified in skin and spirit. Pop the pimples, scabs, and serpent tongue SPLIT ENDS OF SIN. Spurn the HUSSY ROUGE OF THE WHORE OF BABYLON. Crush the DEODERANT OF ETERNAL DAMNATION! You saw the movie, now read the book. The Bible is the active ingredient in the soul-saving anti-bacterial GRACE OF GOD. Accept no imitations, and only choose MAXIMUM STRENGTH. Every pore is a potential doorway to damnation. Use regularly, and forsake the COMMIE HOMOSEXUAL GREASY JEW PEDERASTICKY SATAN who wants to submit you and your pathetic damned families to unspeakable perversions of skincare and particularly icky sin. I will pray for you all.

-Mr. Badnotsad

Fulmination #11

In article <>, wrote:
> > 
> > Christianity is entirely a racist mythology.  It is based upon the
> > concept of purity and not of impurity, consequently it must deny
> > variation in favor of eliminating the evil, or the negative.  Very easily
> > did they characterize that negative as 'black' and use taht justification
> > to build the slave-labor system of their rising industrial order;
No!!! The purity ALL TRUE CHRISTIANS seek is that of immaculate skin and spirit. Cosmetics you buy in corner stores encourage the SINS of VANITY and LUST, and it is no wonder that acne was and remains A SURE SIGN of the presence of WITCHCRAFT. Only those unblemished by sin may enter Heaven, and only Jesus can purify you to get you there. It's not black skin that is a sign of sin, it's blackheads. Read the Bible. Every day! IT'S IN THERE.
> > Christianity may have been a necessary evil to reach this stage, but now
> > it is only the whore to technology.
Someone should wash your naughty little mouth out, you DIRTY BIRD. Never forget that Jesus is always ready to FORGIVE YOU, but only if you are HUMBLE and take a good LONG SOAPY BATH beforehand. The seething kiss of Satan is on your breath, YOU ANTICHRIST!
> First of all, friend, I can see where you might have gotten your
> beliefs, misguided as I percieve them to be. "Christian Fundamentalists"
> have a way of leaving a bad taste in just about everyone's mouth.
PROMISCUOUS SODOMITE! Forsake the creams of the flesh-- the annointing oil of Babylon-- and use only the cream of Jesus. Satan cannot save you from the bursting boils and pinching pimples inflicted by INVISIBLE DEMONIAC JISM! Only the bloody purity grace gel of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins can wipe you CLEAN as FRESH TERRYCLOTH TOWELS laundered at that great Holiday Inn down yonder. The reward of faith is salvation and purity, and THE CONSEQUENCE OF UNREPAIRED SIN IS DAMNATION ETERNAL.
> However, I cannot see the logic in declaring Christianity as a Racist
> institution. The concept of purity of which you refer has nothing to do
> with bloodline, or race, but of character. The propriety of action and
Amen! Halleluja!
> the compassion of the soul are the measure of it. I am a Christian, yet
> I will denounce most of the Christians that I know as hypocrites. Christ
Indeed. It is with great sorrow that I HAVE OBSERVED deluded Christians supporting and indulging in the revolting hygeine and DISEASED FRUITS of the INTERNATIONAL COSMETICS CONSPIRACY. Nailpolish to mimic the talons of wild beasts, lips red like the GRIZZLED MOUTH OF THE WOLF, and blush to evoke the eidolon of PERPETUAL SHAME! I will pray.
> taught acceptance and love for all men, and the importance of kindness
> and generosity towards all people everywhere. Yet the majority of
> Christians squabble amongst themselves, spouting dogma and arguing
> minute and irrelevant differences in theology. They chastize all those
> who disagree with their particular philosophy, claiming theirs is the
> only "true" path. I have seen violent arguements erupt from disagreement
It is true that such is poor behavior, but it is only because they are unrepentant idolaters. The true purity of the redeemed is far too pure to sink to those depths, BUT WHEN WE DO, we do so with the blessing of God Himself. The angels are watching you. STAY CLEAN.
> over whether baptism should be performed by complete submersion, or
> whether an anointing with water suffices. These shallow and petty
> arguements completely detract from the essence of the faith. And such


Only COMPLETE IMMERSION in sanctified water, followed by a MUD BATH from the Holy Land, and finally a sanctified and CHURCH-APPROVED FACIAL can get one in good with the Lord. THIS IS NOT PETTY; this is THE single most critical element in Christianity which distinguishes it from the paltry heathenism of HUMANIST PEDOPHILIAC DRUG PUSHERS gang banging our little boys and girls of our Christian America under the bleachers of OUR SCHOOLS. And we pay for that with taxes levied against decent, hard working Christians by the DEFILER PERVERT CLINTON and his pack of LIBERAL FAT CAT HOMO DOGS. SEEDS OF SATAN'S BLACK GARDEN!
> also is unfounded. The association of evil with black goes back to pagan
> europe, and the superstitions surrounding the night. Night, being a time
You sir, ARE A DECIEVER. I name you for what you are, a GODLESS PAGAN CLINTON-SUCKING MEDIA WHORE. Satan and his imps will be sticking pitchforks into your TENDER SINGED FANNY from now 'till the end of time. REPENT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
> man owning another. The Christian church, yes, is fraught with
> hippocracy and small mindedness. The faith is a different matter.
Yes, and also fraught with SATANIC INTERLOPER TRANSVESTITE MASON GOATS like you!
> different than any group. There are good ones, and bad ones. An asshole
> is an asshole, no matter age, ethnicity, skin color, religion, or creed.
Only the forgiveness of Jesus can make that FILTHY ORFICE of loathesome sin pure. Sin is in every place with hair on one's body, AND SEVERAL PLACES WHERE IT IS NOT! Satan is one sneaky bugger. I will pray for you all.
> If you seek to rid the world of the unkind, the shallow, the hateful,
> then by all means. If you seek redress to yourself for wrongs
> perpetrated on your forefathers, then you are as guilty of intolerance,
> hate, and shallowness as those you seek to persecute. A wrong done to
> revenge a wrong does not make anything right. It simply continues the
> mindless cycle of violence and hate that tears all people apart.
It's very naughty to be bad. BE GOOD. Jesus loves you. I will pray for you all.