In 1990, while handing out flyers for the (long gone) danceclub Purgatory, I approached a small group of interesting looking people. One introduced herself as Mad, another as Circe. Finding them more interesting than handing out passes, we went out to a nearby Indian restaurant and became friends. This friendship lasted without break for two years, and I spent considerable time with them and their friends. I roughly estimate that I spent two or three afternoons with them per week during some periods, to two or three occasions with them per month. I also spent a good deal of time on the phone with them. These folk were "The Company".

Madison recognizes the quantity of information I possess threatens her credibility enormously. By disputing the quality and quantity of my participation and awareness of her activities, it weakens all arguments I make based in things I have firsthand knowledge of during this period.

It can be argued that I wasn't a member of The Company, but only a close affiliate. Most of the daily participants were highly sexually involved with each other, and all accepted the millenial predictions of Madison as gospel. Since I did not participate on a daily basis with the group, never became sexually involved with any of them, and recognized early on that Mad was a compulsive liar, I was never seen universally as one in the fold-- by Mad, at least. This is also probably why I was less damaged by the extreme mind games, and why I was one of the people to be declared possessed and outcast in one of the earlier purges.

Also, many people were assigned occult specializations and positions in the troupe. Megan O'Neal, for example, was forced to become a specialist in healing magick and herbology because Madison couldn't find anybody who was willing to take the role (which she considered necessary). She often then referred to Circe who determined which Knight of the Round Table each person was a reincarnation of. I was not assigned a position like this. I'm not shedding any tears.

The forced diversity of The Company was based in something straight out of Role Playing Games-- that a troupe of characters should emphasize a wide diversity of character classes so the broadest diversity of talents would be available when an (occult) attack commenced or other quest-oriented challenges were faced. Since on a week by week basis, holy quests, dramatic omens, and imaginary demonspawn attacks were standard fare, the group progressively developed a seige mentality and began to distrust mundanes and even spiritual folk not as "awakened" as they. How ironic.

After I was no longer in The Company, it became much more formalized, with regular meetings and a stronger structure. Much of what came later was very apparent while I still participated. Members of the group looked towards Madison as prophetess for omens and orders, which she usually dished out following phony epileptic seizures where she recieved (suspiciously) just enough mysterious sigils and nonsense words to keep the group busy for a little while.

Madison actually did little work for The Company; she had an incredible talent for motivating people to do all the work for her, while effectively reassuring people her "prophetic visions" were absolutely important and psychically exhausting. Madison became outright messianic, and used her prophecies to direct the intimacies, careers, and lifestyles of many of her friends. From a skeptic's eye, one could see these commands benefitted Madison directly, or further encouraged an environment where people were more malleable.

After I departed, the beliefs became even more millennial, including UFO abduction to the dogmas. The Company collapsed when some people became horrified by the rapidly increasing trends of abusiveness and craziness. If it had stayed at a steady level, it might still be going, since most standards of conduct and points of reference were being stomped out like lingering embers.

Madison isn't claiming that I wasn't one of the innermost circle, she's claiming I wasn't even on the periphery. This is patently false. I may not have participated consistantly with the holy quests etc. but I was more participatory than many Company affiliates living in distant parts, such as Rhode Island. So was I a member? Many lines were being smudged during that period, and many gray areas existed. I consider myself a former member, and so do former members Madison does not dispute were in The Company.

I only met her on four occasions? Well, Madison has been claiming this recently, and it's rather silly. I can simply overload people with anecdotes of events which clearly exceed four occasions, and probably exceed forty. I'll save some of them for later.

Instead, I'll let my information be supplemented by scans of two sets of photographs I'd taken; the first at the defunct Astor Riviera Diner where I had a snack with Circe, Madison, and Maria Diaz. The second with a mixed group of friends, which included folks who I knew from NYU (Miguel and Bela), the gothic scene (Angela Doslik and her friend Jenn), and of course Mad and Circe.

It is implausible that I'd bring a camera to half of the occasions I supposedly met Mad. Especially considering that I don't like cameras, and use them rarely and reluctantly.

If I had enough diskspace and bandwidth, I'd also supplement this web page with .WAV portions of a phone conversation between me and Circe. This was taped (with her consent) during the period of my Company affiliation. It's clear to anyone listening to the tape that I'd been spending time with The Company (including Madison) well in excess of four times.

During my Company phase, I would regularly take the core members out to concerts, dinners and art exhibitions. This always included Circe, who usually brought Madison, frequently Megan, Maria Diaz (before she was given the boot), John Cosmos (when he was in town) and a selection of others whom I never became very close with before I left The Company.