From: (Racine125)
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Subject: Re: NYC Vodou, the modern Egun-Gun or Clan.

In article <547paq$>, (Kevin Filan) writes:

OyaPomba writes:

>    No offense Ma'am, but Egun is a term used in American Vodou, though
>: this can change from house to house.  
>:    XXX-The Gris Gris Lady.
>:    Pomba Gira Botanica.

OyaPomba, I originally excused you on the grounds of ignorance, but you certainly have read the postings I have made, including the "Vodou Lesson" series, so you don't have that excuse anymore.

What you are doing is not Vodou. You have every right to make up your own religion, but calling it Vodou is DISPESPECTFUL to Vodouisants, to the black men and women who suffered torture and death to preserve this religion, to the Haitian people in general and to the Haitian community in NYC in particular.

I have no intention of engaging in a war of words with you, of the type which you have so recently and so insultingly been engaged in with others. Neither will I threaten you with wanga (spells, etc.), as you and others have done in your word wars. Vodou has it's clergy and it's representatives in New York, and if it is decided that you represent a seriously detrimental presence, appropriate action will be taken. That's all. Free speech is one thing, pretending to speak for a legitimate and organized religion which you do not belong to is another.

Drop the pretense, and join in Vodou if you want to. This does not mean that you must acknowledge me, Mambo Racine Sans But, as your superior. It's not personal. Joining the Vodou faith means that you recognize the authority of God, the lwa, the ancestors, and the Houngans and Mambos who are the earthly vehicles of the tradition.

If you don't want to do this, call your religion something else (I'm very serious) and have fun! Freedom of religion is one of the rights which we enjoy under the United States Constitution and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Children of Gine (ancestral Africa), for accurate information on Vodou, please see (and discuss and post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions) the threads Vodou Lessons, - Lesson 1, Part 1; Lesson 1, Part 2; Lesson 1, Part 3. Also see "NYC Vodou revisited", a new thread which deals with the legitimate authority and responsibilities of Houngans and Mambos.

The love in the heart of Gine awaits you.

May Gran Met, the lwa, and the ancestors be with you,

Mambo Racine Sans But