oyapomba@chelsea.ios.com (Oya & Pomba) wrote:

> US schedule 10/96-11/96
> Us is a multi-faith pagan group.  We ask that all participants be clean,
> sane & sober.  Please bring food, drink, used books for our free lending

False advertisment, tainted goods.

Prospective participants in Us Collective gatherings should be aware that at least one leading member of the group has a history of using abusive cult-like tactics and numerous other violations of trust, using a self-endowed religious authority. Most relevantly to prospective participants, members of this group have shown a propensity for defaming, harrassing, and otherwise persecuting former members who speak about their experiences publically.

I was affiliated with one of her projects several years ago for an extended period of time. Since then, I have corresponded with several former affiliates who corroborate and have supplied additional disturbing anecdotes. The names change, the behavior gets worse. Individuals considering participation in this group should go forewarned, if at all.

There's quite a lot to be told about the background of this situation-- far too much to be discussed here. I am compiling a web page dedicated to this at (http://www.necronomi.com/projects/madison/), but far more needs to be placed there for reference. To supplement this information, please contact skyler@panix.com, myself (cliff@necronomi.com), and rakshasa@panix.com.