The Necronomi.com website is undergoing a substantial renovation. Necronomi.com has begun to resume its role as one of the most notable archives of paranormal information, dark art, and communities related to the same. Please excuse some outdated files, broken links in the archives, and some antiquated web-design. The appearance warrants some explanation.

A number of years ago, Necronomi.com's hard drives suffered an irretrievable crash. Current backups of the website were lost and presumed deleted in the chaotic wake of the misfortune, and so the rebuilding of the site was highly incomplete. Only in January 2002 was an old hard drive found containing a useful backup. Rare files and web pages which have not been available online since 1997 will finally be made available again.

Though these salvaged documents will be returned to Necronomi.com, the site as a whole is in the process of transformation, The new version of the Necronomi.com website will be an online textbook covering the most overlooked and taboo aspects of witchcraft and the occult. It will later be expanded to become a general introductory course to magic.

The links to the right are classified as follows; shades of red indicate Necronomi.com archives, resources and projects, brown indicates hosted topical domains, salmon indicates topical domains which are not yet public, and shades of blue indicate personal websites.