Phoenix, 10/01/2003:

Once upon a time in the Pyramid, Cliff offered me a plastic spider ring and asked to take my picture. Years later, many things have changed, and Cliff and I fall in and out of touch. Yet, Cliff continues to be honest, loyal and oddly generous. Clearly I need to work on being more in touch!

Nina, 09/07/2003:

I love Cliff, he is a very loyal friend, and I can always count on him! He is one of the first people that was cool to me at those C-things back in the day! I love eating breakfast with Cliff after a long night of debauchery! In fact it is in my top ten favorite memories. Hopefully we will have many more breakfasts in the future. XOXO.

Carrin, 09/06/2003:

Cliff does in fact piss the majority of the populus off, sometimes honesty hurts. Those who can't take it, can stand aside, and those who can will get to have fun once Cliff's master plan to rule the world comes through I hope i'm around, because it will be grand, frightening, and hysterical all at once. I'm sure i'll get posted to something like co-chair-ruler-of-the-public-universe, or some such thing that I can't handle very gracefully... But maybe this time i'll actually get to throw some humanoids to the man-eating griffins. Maybe we'll got to sit back, kick our feet up and enjoy the madness this time. Now Cliff, GO TO YOUR ROOM AND WRITE YOUR F**KING BOOK!!

Kevin, 07/31/2003:

Cliff inspires strong emotions in just about everyone he meets. They love him or they hate him, but few are neutral. His enemies spit on the ground when his name is mentioned: his friends cherish his wit, sardonic sense of humor, and running tab at Vitale's.

Harvey, 07/30/2003:

He's got a bigger collection of porn than I do. You gotta admire that in a guy.

Cyris, 07/29/2003:

One of the main reasons I kept going to the NutMeg gatherings was that I knew Clifford would be there. After many years of our secret meeting he & I are linked in ways that I will not put into print because it is possible that there might be someone out there who has enough power to slow down our designs for change. I know it is very unlikely, but Clifford & I don't want to take any chances since everything is going according to the plan so far. Hail to the green goddess! Hail to Eris! All hail to Kaos!!!

J B Bell, 07/22/2003:

Cliff is another one of those Personalities who, owing to more honesty than is good for a normal person, is loathed by hypocrites, who turn out to be an unfortunately prevalent sort of people. He is incredibly erudite, which is to say, he knows more trivia than God and can tie them up in semantic and ontological knots until past dawn, sipping absinthe in an almost inhumanly urbane fashion. He's not just entertaining, though; he shows a genuine concern for good people (avoid his "enemies" list, though) and works tirelessly for the Children's Cthulhu Fund.

Nancy, 07/21/2003:

You're a mean one, Mr.Cliff. Master of scathing sarcasm and a storehouse of random info and interesting facts.

Lupo, 07/16/2003:

Cliff (universally known on the West Coast as THAT Cliff) is one of my favorite evil bastards --I think his last name is actually Harkonnen. One day he will either write the great american horror novel, or become absolute dictator. In the latter case, I'm hoping I've been obsequious enough he appoints me whoremaster of the Adriatic territories, or some other such appropriate task.

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