What is Chaoticism?

It is a term I invented. Don't be judgemental, however; invention is an essential aspect of the material described here. It seemed a convenient term for perspectives which seem fascinated by Chaos and it's imagery. Three general categories of perspectives evidence themselves here: Chaos Magick, Discordianism, and Psychic Youth.

Chaos Magick is a branch of Ceremonial Magick promoted by Peter Carrol and his organization, the IOT. It is highly deconstructive, and influenced as much by Spare as Crowley. Chaos is seen as the untransmittable supralogical experience gnosis is known to be. The methodology of Chaos Mages is extremely exploratory, and as such remains on the farthest fringes of occult study.

Discordians were a prank religion often associated with the yippies. Popularized by Robert Anton Wilson's books, they have expanded into a religion of playfulness, pleasuring and laughter. Most Discordian material is a wry combination of satire and wisdom. They worship Eris, also known as Discordia, the Goddess of Chaos.

The philosophy of the Temple of Psychic Youth was promoted by Genesis P-Orridge, one of it's founding members, with the band Psychic TV. Fascinated by body modification, ecstatic drug states, sadomasochism, serial killers, cults, Crowley, ecology, and tribalism, TOPY's imagery has consistantly remained far before it's time.

Ascent, by Gene Kieffer
Orgone Committee Astral Meeting Spot, by William Hunter
Thee Throttle: A Hollow Cost, by Father Malachi
Behavioral Cut-Ups and Magick, by Genesis P-Orridge
Tim Leary's Eight Circuts of Consciousness, by Robert Anton Wilson
Defining Chaos, by Mark Chao
Cloud Eye, authorship unknown
Currier: Some Important New Statistical Findings, by Cpt. Prescott Currier
Principles of Discordian Magick, by Lord Falgan
Discordian Zen, by Tundra Wind
Sacred Erisian High Mass, by Reverend DM Psiqosys
The Use Of Focii, External And Internal, by Jeffrey M. Haas
Gnosis, by Wednesday
Gnostic Thunderbolt, by Tzimon Yliaster
Edge of Chaos (Image)
Sacred Chao (Image)
The Creepy-Crawl Chameleon Rite, authorship unknown
IOT Pact: The Story So Far, by Peter Carrol
IOT Pact, by Peter Carrol
Banishing Jehovah's Witnesses, by John Constantine
The Jihad of Chaos, authorship unknown
Karmic Boomerang, by Wednesday
Liber KKK, by Peter Carrol
The Mass of Choronzon, by Peter Carrol
Night Magick, by Phillip D. Williams
Liber OZ, by Aleister Crowley
Principia Discordia, by Greg Hill
Footprints in the Chamber: Towards a Quantum Kabbalah, by Fra.: +0-
Invocation of ROIKAXUL, authorship unknown
Sado-Masochistic Ritual in a Thelemic Context, by Raven Greywalker
Essay on Sex and Sex Magick, by Fr. Nigris
The Process Is, by Father Malachi
Info on TIAMAT-L, by members of TIAMAT-L
T.O.P.Y FAQ, by members of T.O.P.Y.
The Turkey Curse, by Greg Hill

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